Face coverings

Following Welsh Government advice, we request that all patients coming into the surgery wear a 3 layer face covering when coming to the surgery for appointments.  When wearing the face covering, please ensure they are worn over your face and mouth.

Thanks for donations

The staff of Fairwater Health Centre wish to extend their grateful thanks to all of those who have made generous donations during the current crisis including:

Hensol Castle Gin
Cowbridge College Sixth Form
St Davids College
Dar Ul-Isra Community Mosque
Food for Life
Feed Our Frontline

Once again, thank you for the generous donations

Covid-19 shielding letters

Welsh Goverment has set out letters to patients who are deemed to be a the highest risk from Covid-19 and therefore should be shielding (reducing all contact with the outside world to a menimum for a period of 12 weeks).  

If you have not received a letter and think you should have had one, the doctors are currently review the list of patients who have all ready been sent a letter.  They will arrange for a letter to be sent to anyone they think has been missed this week. 

Please visit for further informatio or visit our documents page to see a copy of the Q&A docuement.

Covid-19 and mental health

If you or someone you know if suggling with their mental health as a result of corona virus pandemic, please visit the self-help and documents page of the website.  The documents page also has a resourse to help children cope with stress / anxiety.  Mental health is as important as physical health when coping with the current situation.

Covid-19 isolation note

If you need a sick / fit note to cover when you are isolating due to symptoms or family member having symptoms, use this link to get an online certificate from 111.

Collecting prescription during the corona virus outbreak

In order to help us reduce the number of people who need to come into the surgery during the Covid-19 outbreak, please nominate a pharmacy you would like to collect your prescription from and inform the surgery and the phamacy.  The pharmacy can then make arrangements to collect the prescription from the surgery.

Corona Virus (Covid19)

If you or a member of your household have a new persistant cough, high temperature, a loss of taste or smell; please do not come to the surgery.  Self isolate at home for a minimum of 14 days.  If your symptoms get worse, use the NHS symptoms checker befoere you call 111.  Other symptoms may include difficulty breathing and sore throat.

If you are thinking of attending the surgery and have the symptoms listed above, telephone first (029 20 566 291) and tell the receptionist your symptoms.  We can then arrange for a doctor to call you back.

Please follow the link to Public Health Wales and Public Health England for information on areas where there is a Corona virus outbreak and advice on how to isoltate yourself at home (separate yourself from others living in your house ideally with a door between use, keep the room well ventalated, wear a face mask and change it regualarly, use a seperate bathroom or if you only have one use it after the other people  and clean it after use, double bag rubbish you produce and do not put it out for collection, etc):

Please read the information added to the home page

Why am I being asked for a reason when I want an appointment?

To ensure that the right care or service is provided to you, the receptionist may ask the reason why you wish to book an appointment when you telephone the surgery or come to the reception desk.  It may not always be necessary to have an appointment with a GP.

The questions asked when booking aim to ensure you receive:
  • An appointment with the most appropriate heatlh professional
  • The most appropriate medical care, at teh most, appropriate time, with the shortest wait
Reception staff, like all nurses and GPs are bound by confidentiality rule
  • Any information given by you is treated in strictest confidents
  • The Practice takes any breach of confidentiality very seriously and will deal with it accordingly
  • You can speak to a receptionist in private, away from reception on request
If you do not wish to discuss the issue, then you do not have to give a reason and we will respect this.

Thank you for your support

Practice boundary change

Following negotiations with Cardiff and Vale Local Health Board, it has been agreed that the surgery can redraw its boundaries.  This is mainly to exclude the new Plas Dwr housing development and thus keep patient numbers to a level that allows us to continue to deliver the current standard of service.

The new Northen and Western boundaries run along the footpath between Danescourt and Radyr Comprehensive School and the pre existing build enviroment of Fairwater and Pentrabane.  The Eastern boundary now runs all the way up Clive Road to Pencisly Road, along Pencisly Road to the cross road junction and back up Cardiff Road.  Therefore, the following areas are now exluded from our surgery area:
  • Radyr
  • All new houses on the Plas Dwr development
  • Thompson Park area
Currently registered patients living in these area can continue to be registered at the surgery.  However, we will not be taking any new registrations from people living in these areas.
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