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Christmas repeat prescriptions

If your repeat prescription runs out between 21st December and 3rd January, please submit your request by the 17th December.

Many thanks

Christmas opening hours

Over the Christams period, the Health Centre will be open at the following times:

Friday 21st December             Normal opening
Saturday 22nd December       Closed
Sunday 23rd December          Closed
Monday 24th December          Normal opening
Tuesday 25th December         Closed
Wednesday 26th December    Closed
Thursday 27th December        Normal opening
Friday 28th December             Normal opening
Saturday 29th December        Closed
Sunday 30th December          Closed
Monday 31st December          Normal openning
Tuesday 1st January               Cosed
Wednesday 2nd January        Normal opening

Flu vaccination 2018

The surgery is now taking booking for the annual flu vaccination.  If you are over 65 years old, suffer from a chronic health problems (such as COPD, diabetis or chronic liver disease), pregnant or have a child between the ages of 2 - 3 (date of birth between 01/09/14 and 31/08/16); please contact the surgery to book your appointment.

If you have a child of primary school age, they will be vaccinated in school.  However, if your child misses their school vaccination, they can have it at the surgery.

The surgery will be sending out reminders to elegable patients via letter, text message or telephone recorded message.

If you do not wish to have the vaccine, please contact the surgery and we will exclude you from the list of patients.

Practice boundary change

Following negotiations with Cardiff and Vale Local Health Board, it has been agreed that the surgery can redraw its boundaries.  This is mainly to exclude the new Plas Dwr housing development and thus keep patient numbers to a level that allows us to continue to deliver the current standard of service.

The new Northen and Western boundaries run along the footpath between Danescourt and Radyr Comprehensive School and the pre existing build enviroment of Fairwater and Pentrabane.  The Eastern boundary now runs all the way up Clive Road to Pencisly Road, along Pencisly Road to the cross road junction and back up Cardiff Road.  Therefore, the following areas are now exluded from our surgery area:
  • Radyr
  • All new houses on the Plas Dwr development
  • Thompson Park area
Currently registered patients living in these area can continue to be registered at the surgery.  However, we will not be taking any new registrations from people living in these areas.

A Threat To Your Service

The Partners of Fairwater Health Centre wish to make all registered patients aware of the following notice:

A Threat To Your Service

We wish to let you, the patients of the practice, know of a threat to our ability to provide the quality of service we aim for. This notice is an unusual step for us to take, however attempts to deal with this threat ourselves have been frustrated. We hope some of you might be prepared to contact your local elected representatives and encourage them to help to resolve this issue.

We are aware that the wait for routine appointments has been 3 to 5 weeks for most of this year, which is too long. We have taken steps to address this by recruiting more doctors, thereby providing more appointments. As a result, the wait for appointments is starting to reduce to a level we think is reasonable.

This will only be successful if the population of the practice remains stable. It is the opinion of the practice, that with our current facilities, and staffing levels, we cannot accommodate any more patients, without a major detrimental effect on the service we offer.

Some of you may be aware of the Cardiff Local Development Plan, which has given permission for huge numbers of new houses to be built in the West of Cardiff. However, you may not be aware that the current planning processes do not make any allowance to fund provision of additional healthcare premises or staff. We are particularly concerned that a large number of new houses are planned to be built on fields currently within our practice boundary.

We have discussed this problem with the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, but as they have no additional funding to cover the population moving in, they cannot provide any assistance with expanding this practice, or providing a new practice to cover a large new population.

We have discussed this issue with other practices in Cardiff West. Whilst they have additional capacity to take several thousand new patients, there is still an estimate shortfall of approximately 8,000 new patients predicted to move to our area.

We have attempted to redraw our practice boundary to exclude the currently empty fields, which will soon have houses on them, thus would removing the contractual obligation to register anyone moving into this part of the practice area. This request has been rejected by the Health Board without any explanation, leaving us exposed to the threat of thousands of new patients with the right to register at our practice, when we have no means of accommodating their needs.

We will continue to try to proved a high quality service to you all, but fear this will become exceptionally difficult with a large influx of new patients. We hope some of our patients might be able to provide some support in our attempts to protect the service we provide from this unprecedented threat.

Drs. Phillips, Travaglia, Wilson, Thomas, and Pearce.
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